The Toolkit  -  Inform  -  Why this toolkit?

The long term goal of the Got-IT project is to make the design of eHealth solutions more inclusive in order to make them accessible and understandable for everyone. This is bringing about the fight against health disparities and helps to boost citizen empowerment in Europe. In order to reach this goal, a toolkit is created over the course of the Got-IT project, which is intended to support eHealth developers and other stakeholders in the journey of creating inclusive eHealth solutions.


This toolkit consists of three domains: Inform, Co-Designing and Test. The inform-section intends to inform developers of eHealth solutions and other stakeholders in this field of the importance of an inclusive approach in the design process of eHealth solutions. The co-design-section gives information and tips on the co-design process as well as results from previous co-design sessions. Especially in this regard, the toolkit is created as a living toolkit, embedded in an accessible online platform, meaning that the different sections can be updated and expanded to cover a variety of eHealth solutions and end user groups. The test-section of the toolkit provides a checklist to support eHealth developers in the testing process of their products, in order to make them as accessible and as inclusive as possible.

The Got-IT toolkit is unique, as it is an openly available, dynamic, and living toolkit that will be extended with tools, best practices, and use cases in the future by a community of eHealth designers and developers.

Definition of eHealth literacy

Impact of low eHealth literacy