The Project

The Got-IT project aims to respond to the need for inclusive and understandable eHealth solutions by developing a toolkit that supports the design of eHealth applications in general, and for people with low eHealth literacy in specific.

The figure below summarizes the Got-IT approach and its impact. Taking the promotion of daily physical activity as a use case, in Got-IT, during 9 months we will work in close collaboration with end-users of the eHealth applications (older adults) and of the toolkit (eHealth developers) to create a toolkit that will inform and provide tools for inclusive design. In Got-IT, we will work together with end-users in two countries (NL and AT) to investigate ways to convey their health data (e.g., how to visualize data, how to convey feedback via audio or text). The ultimate question is how to convey complicated health data in a way that is inspiring, understandable and actionable to the older adult.

Project objectives:

  • Understanding of values, needs and preferences of older adults with low eHealth literacy
  • Investigate the challenges of designers to create inclusive designs
  • Translate the findings into an online toolkit
  • Create awareness

The Got-IT toolkit is supported by the AAL Programme with funding by the European Union and the national funding agencies from the Netherlands, Austria, and Denmark: The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development (ZonMW), Federal Ministry Republic of Austria, Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology, and Innovation Fund Denmark.

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