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Health Literacy affects health outcomes through its impact on:

1. access and utilization of health care
2. the patient-provider relationship
3. self-care

Impact of high health literacy:

  • appropriate health behaviors

  • low morbidity

  • low mortality


Impact of low health literacy


Socio-economic impact of low eHealth literacy among older adults in Europe:

- SES (Socio- Economic Status) represents a proxy of intermediate causal factors that have an impact on health, such as education, income, age, employment status, and migration background (Lastrucci et al., 2019).

- People with a high SES tend to have better health conditions as compared to those with a low SES (Mackenbach et al., 2008).

- The experience of socioeconomic hardship increases the risk of subsequent illness.


Challenges for HL throughout the past decade:

1. a greater SES divide

2. an increased financial demand on health systems

3. higher expectations of proactive patient behavior