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The Got-IT toolkit provides you with an excellent basis for optimizing your eHealth service. But what if you feel like you need more? For example, when you are serving a particularly vulnerable group of patients? Or if you are offering digital services to older adults and you want to make 100% sure that a lack of health literacy does not stand in the way of your success?

In this case the two Got-IT partners Roessingh Research & Development and Pharos can help you out! Combined, they have ample knowledge of and experience with designing for low eHealth literacy. While Pharos has great expertise on optimizing content for end-users with all types of literacy challenges, Roessingh Research and Development knows how to optimize technical design for vulnerable groups.

By collaborating, we can offer you a total set of services, geared towards optimizing your service for low eHealth literacy:

-          Usability testing

-          Expert reviews of your service

-          Heuristic evaluations

-          Copy-editing

Are you interested in finding out how the Got-IT services can enrich your eHealth service? Then please contact us via this form. One of our experts will contact you to discuss all possibilities.


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